Ace the art of layering necklaces


While it is very easy to go with the flow of the latest trend or the season’s “It jewel pieces”, style frankly isn’t something that you can buy over the counter. Sure, celebs and royals have their share of exclusive jewels, but the reason why some jewellery trends have become icons and inspirations is because of how they are being put together with the whole look. After all, it’s about how you style it — and styling, pretty ladies, is free.

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Big in size, bold necklaces have been very much in demand this year, but lately, at Rabhyaa, we came across the demand for pairing two or more necklaces together to create a statement on its own. A single bold statement necklace is something which can be seen worn by majority of women at the party. If you wish to set the bar high and look uniquely beautiful and dazzling at the evening, then go for pairing up two or more necklaces in layers.

Know how to ace the art of layering necklaces for classier and bolder look –

  1. Try the graduated girlie effect with delicate short length necklaces teamed with a little chunkier, longer necklaces.
  1. Pair your larger-than-life necklaces with dainty chains, and enjoy a new gorgeous feel on the neckline.
  1. Give your slender neckline a collar effect by layering delicate diamond necklaces that rest right on top of each other.
  1. Gold may be in vogue, but silver can give more unique feel to your entire look. Count on some vintage silver necklaces.
  1. Diamond polki necklaces with attached strings add an instant royal feel to an outfit. Go for minimalistic earrings with these layered necklaces and spread your charm wherever you go 🙂

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Charming Bracelets by Rabhyaa

Gold Bracelet

It’s time to let your baubles be blooming gorgeous and sparkling. Designer floral earrings to royal necklaces, these dainty jewels will take you through this wedding season and years to come. But the star of the season we, at Rabhyaa, believe is a statement bracelet!

All in all, this season is all about the statement jewellery, and artsy bold bracelets are just perfect to invest money on.  It’s, fashionably go bold or go home.  Appealing wow-the-crowd bracelets, as you sway your hand in gesticulations, are the main focus in diamond polki patterns.

Bracelets, you pick for this wedding season can be exotic, simple, or just exciting. They’re all about adding extra oomph to your tender and beautiful hands. Whether you stack them, opt for one wide cuff, or pick one filled with trinkets, they give your style a unique personality.

Also, never be afraid to adorn uncommon areas other than wrist, with your bracelet, like around your arms! Less is absolutely not more for the upcoming wedding season so it’s fashionable to pile on the jewels! Enjoy the bling 😉

Polki Jewellery Rabhyaa Jewels Wedding jewellery Festive Gold Jewelry

Emerald Bracelet by Rabhyaa Jewels

Emerald Bracelet by Rabhyaa Jewels



Traditional Indian Polki Jewellery



What is Polki?

The Indian State of Rajasthan is the epicenter of some of the most beautiful kinds of jewellery in the country. One such notable style is Polki. Very few people are aware with the word “Polki”. A diamond that is uncut is identified as a polki diamond. Polki diamonds are mined from earth in a natural way and there is no enhancement, never lab created or synthetic whatsoever. Due to its natural property, it is always in high demand in international market.  The uncut diamonds used in this kind of ornamentation is essentially referred to as polki and the variations in designs made with these beautiful clear stones are what make it so gorgeous.


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Polki are used in making jewelry from ancient times in India. The jewelry made of polki looks very beautiful and gives a touch of traditional flavor. Since polki are uncut and natural diamonds hence they have fewer fire or brightness when it is compared with fully cut diamonds. A jewelry made of polki is treated with great honor and seemed upon more as heirloom pieces to pass on from one generation to another generation. Polki is considered as the symbol of emotions, love and memories.

Gorgeous Aishwarya Rai in beautiful Polki Jewellery.

Gorgeous Aishwarya Rai in beautiful Polki Jewellery.

The gorgeous appeal of Polki jewellery can brighten up an outfit in no time. Polki is a kind of Kundan jewellery made using real diamonds and gemstones while a normal Kundan piece is made of glass in place of precious stones. It is a favorite of classy people since old times, who knows how to add elegance to their simple & traditional outfit with gorgeous Polki pieces.

Rabhyaa Jewels  specializes in crafting the traditional Polki jewellery into modern pieces without losing the integrity of legacy. Rabhyaa collection is a captivating reminder of our past  in every Bride’s trousseau. The traditional Rabhya symbols are translated into exquisite details.

Being an epicenter of majestic and magnificent masterpieces, Rabhyaa Jewels  most notable style is far size ‘Polki’ designed to bring out the true beauty of women.

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