Classic Jhumkas with Timeless Meenakari Artwork

‘Jhumkas’ is that forever accessory that refuses to fade away from the fashion scene. Traditional yet gorgeously sophisticated, the Jhumkas got that appeal to rule all the way!

Our assortment of Jhumkas is designed keeping in mind the latest fashion as well as the taste of the contemporary women. Featuring an attractive design and meenakari detailing, a pair of these traditional pink ‘Jhumkas’ have elegance and refinement to catch the fancy of every woman in the very first glance.

Evergreen Jhumkas with Timeless Meenakari Artwork
Origin & Influences of Meenakari Artwork:
Meenakari is the Indian name for enamelling, a versatile, exquisite, long-lasting art medium. The technique involves fusing glass to a metal surface by heat.

The credit for developing the craft of enamelling in India goes to the Mughals. Under the royal patronage of the Mughal rulers, particularly during the time of Akbar, enamelling in India acquired new dimensions. Embellished with nature inspired motifs, leaves, flowers, birds, animals, and calligraphy, enamelling or Minakari reflected Persian influences and Islamic sensibilities. Akbar had great taste for all things beautiful, including gems and jewellery, and he set up special centres for jewellery artisans to craft exotica for him under his supervision and patronage. The regions of Lahore and Multan were the key centres before enamelling earned its indigenous sensibilities. Subsequently it spread to Delhi, Alwar, Jaipur and Varanasi.

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