Why is it considered auspicious to buy jewellery on Akshaya Tritiya?


One glittering attraction that would never wane or pale in Indian society is the love for gold!  The alluring metal in its all forms, matte finish, lustrous or white gold is totally irresistible! Although any day is good for buying gold but,  Akshaya Tritiya is an auspicious day for Hindus around the world to bring home gold. Akshaya Tritiya or also popular as Aakha Teej falls on the 3rd tithi (lunar day) of the Bright Half (Shukla Paksha) of the month of Vaisakha i.e. today 🙂  Hindus consider Akshaya Tritiya as one of the luckiest days because of the planetary position of Sun and Moon.

This year Akshaya Tritiya falls on April 28th like we said today and is considered auspicious because of its conjunction with Rohini Nakshatra.  It is also believed that the God of Wealth and the treasurer of all deities ‘Kubera’ received his riches and position by praying to Lord Shiva on Akshaya Tritiya. This particular day is considered auspicious for buying gold  to invite endless fortune.


No wonder the jewellery stores, whether brick and mortar or online, see a huge number of buyers. Given the importance of time and rush at the stores during the festive season, we suggest that you make a prior call to our store to avoid rush. So, this Akshaya Tritiya, visit Rabhyaa Jewels to buy a designer, contemporary and authentic range of gold jewelry, diamond polkis, statement rings, kundan meena pendants and more to give it a marvelous modern twist.

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The Auspicious Time to Buy Gold on Akshaya Tritiya 2017 is as follows:
Tritiya Tithi Begins – 10:29 AM on 28th April 2017
Tritiya Tithi Ends – 6:55 AM on 29th April 2017

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Perfect combination for your statement Jewellery


The festive season is right here and it is always the perfect time of year to get out all your sparkling baubles from our jewellery boxes. This, undoubtedly, is also the best time to buy new pieces of jewellery to refresh our festive and party looks!

You may be having a huge necklace, a dainty pair of earrings or charming bracelet that you are definitely fond of. Have you ever thought which other jewellery will go well with that piece? If yes, you are not alone. You’ll find so many attractive jewels available on the market it is easy to feel easily confused. There are actually numerous combination possibilities for jewellery. But here are some basic tips to your rescue.

Statement necklace

A statement necklace automatically grabs attention towards your face. This beautiful jewellery creates a nice visual impact in an outfit. Wear it with small earrings with one or two fairly simple bracelets. Besides, a simple ring will add a perfect final touch.

IMG_4609 copy

Statement bracelet

You may want to don a statement bracelet in cuff style, with stones, rolled or a diamond studded bracelet with huge polkis, the visual impact will just be the same: eye-catching. The more important thing is to also draw attention towards your face. This would works absolutely right with some striking earrings. Wear a classic ring to complete the look.

IMG_6211 copy

Statement earrings

The main purpose of statement earrings is to accentuate your face, to illuminate and frame it. To ensure that it is recommended that you combine striking, bold earrings with a cuff bracelet or a set of stacked bracelets. To complement the whole style, add a ring in similar shades. Necklace can be avoided.

IMG_9991 copy

Statement ring

Statement ring does the same work of drawing attention down to your hand like that of statement bracelet. Here as well, you need to make visual redirection. A pair of chandelier earrings, studs or hoops will perfectly go with a cocktail ring. They could be in colorful stones or original design. Make sure to have a good manicure if you wish to catch eyes on your hands!

Festive Gold jewellery

So shine like a diva with your favorite pieces of jewellery.
P.S- While following these tips, just remember that each piece must have complementary design accessories. It means, if you are going with fine, romantic jewelry, never combine it with rock pieces or architectural jewels etc.

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Get your perfect matching Jewellery for the wedding season

The wedding season of the year is not too far away so is the time to dress-up. The grooms and brides to be are already busy in shopping. So ladies better you too be out shopping for traditional wedding ensembles the accessories, shoes, clutches, watches and more. After all, it’s who other than you would make heads turn and who would make their men proud and who’d  take parties and their class, a notch higher!

Everything is sorted well, the stylists are booked, but ask a lady would she step out without jewellery and you will know what the most important detail about dressing up is.

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When it comes to donning jewellery to match your dress, there is no such rule, bigger-is-better type, style for wearing it. Even your heaviest or most expensive jewellery can go wrong and the most basic diamond or pearl studs could be a hit. Therefore, it is worth taking out time before the function and pick the right jewellery to adorn.

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We would love to guide you through the crucial jewellery decisions, be it matching with your party ensemble or the right pick within your budget.

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5 Popular earrings styles for you

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Earrings are described by their complete style and by the metals and gemstones that have been used in their designing and manufacturing. Buying a specific style of earring is a great way to narrow the search field and make sure that the pieces will be a good fit for your style.

Tear Drop Earrings

IMG_6180 copy

Teardrop earrings, being true to their name, are shaped like a dewdrop or teardrop. Usually complete with pearls and diamonds on the edge, these earrings are designed to dangle below the earlobe.

Dangle earrings

IMG_0407 copy

These types of earrings are those pieces which dangle below the earlobe. They may be composed of beads, rounds, squares, curved pieces of metal, or die-cut metal designs.


IMG_9007 copy

Studs are classic earrings, which are composed of a single gemstone, a pearl ball, or small design that rests directly on the earlobe. Pearl earrings that sit next to the ear may be described as stud earrings. These styles are perfect for everyday wear and look good on all face types.

Chandelier earrings

IMG_9991 copy

This is a rich combination of design elements of stud and drop earrings. These earrings come in a decorative stud that is mounted on the earlobe to gracefully compliment the dangles below the earlobe.



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These classic and evergreen earrings are designed with rounded or flat pieces of platinum, gold or silver that run from the front to the back of the earlobe. They are complimented with diamonds to appear more dazzling.

Find for yourself the most beautiful and exquisite pair of earrings at Rabhyaa

Charming Bracelets by Rabhyaa

Gold Bracelet

It’s time to let your baubles be blooming gorgeous and sparkling. Designer floral earrings to royal necklaces, these dainty jewels will take you through this wedding season and years to come. But the star of the season we, at Rabhyaa, believe is a statement bracelet!

All in all, this season is all about the statement jewellery, and artsy bold bracelets are just perfect to invest money on.  It’s, fashionably go bold or go home.  Appealing wow-the-crowd bracelets, as you sway your hand in gesticulations, are the main focus in diamond polki patterns.

Bracelets, you pick for this wedding season can be exotic, simple, or just exciting. They’re all about adding extra oomph to your tender and beautiful hands. Whether you stack them, opt for one wide cuff, or pick one filled with trinkets, they give your style a unique personality.

Also, never be afraid to adorn uncommon areas other than wrist, with your bracelet, like around your arms! Less is absolutely not more for the upcoming wedding season so it’s fashionable to pile on the jewels! Enjoy the bling 😉

Polki Jewellery Rabhyaa Jewels Wedding jewellery Festive Gold Jewelry

Emerald Bracelet by Rabhyaa Jewels

Emerald Bracelet by Rabhyaa Jewels



Designer Jewellery collection for weddings ahead


The Festival season has just got over and we saw new designs for Diwali and Eid, but the big highlight of the season ahead is Weddings – a vibrant and extravagant celebration of two individuals’ unison in Indian societies that is now gaining international recognition.

Polki jewellery

Our Wedding collection is up, and you’ll find that we have a great mix of products this time. Wedding season arrives and everyone who has a wedding in family or social circle looks up for new and designer jewellery. It is also considered as the perfect occasion for diamond and kundan jewellery purchase, and Rabhyaa specialises in crafting unconventional, beautiful and fascinating jewellery in the collection.

Rakhis Gift

Polki JewelryPolki Jewellery

Also up are new bangles, bracelets and elaborate pendant and jewellery sets that are just what you need to shine during these weddings – soon to come are chandbalis and more dainty designs in rings.

Pearl JewelleryPearl JewelleryGold BraceletValentine's Day Jewelry Gift

Visit Rabhyaa Jewellery and gaze through many new designs blending modern looks and ethnic Indian styles in our collection.



Our Ravishing Ruby Jewellery Collection

Revel in the beautiful season of rains and romance with our breathtaking collection of ruby jewelry which is unrivaled in terms of beauty and variety to captivate all who see it.

Ruby gemstone is an epitome of elegance and possesses a unique allure. With its sizzling red hue and classic beauty, it’s easy to understand why the stone is so closely associated with love and passion. And what could be a better way to display the lustre of this precious stone than with striking ruby jewelry. Ranging from traditional to contemporary, our range of ruby jewelry is extensive, and certainly contains something to match everyone’s style and taste.

Ruby Jewellery collection

Casting a spell of unmatched beauty and brilliant craftsmanship, here is a pair of earrings that are set in gold and encrusted with a spectacular mix of diamonds and rubies- thoughtfully crafted to frame every face beautifully and complement an opulent evening look. So steal the spotlight with these dazzling danglers from Rabhyaa Jewels.

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