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Gold Bracelet

It’s time to let your baubles be blooming gorgeous and sparkling. Designer floral earrings to royal necklaces, these dainty jewels will take you through this wedding season and years to come. But the star of the season we, at Rabhyaa, believe is a statement bracelet!

All in all, this season is all about the statement jewellery, and artsy bold bracelets are just perfect to invest money on.  It’s, fashionably go bold or go home.  Appealing wow-the-crowd bracelets, as you sway your hand in gesticulations, are the main focus in diamond polki patterns.

Bracelets, you pick for this wedding season can be exotic, simple, or just exciting. They’re all about adding extra oomph to your tender and beautiful hands. Whether you stack them, opt for one wide cuff, or pick one filled with trinkets, they give your style a unique personality.

Also, never be afraid to adorn uncommon areas other than wrist, with your bracelet, like around your arms! Less is absolutely not more for the upcoming wedding season so it’s fashionable to pile on the jewels! Enjoy the bling 😉

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Emerald Bracelet by Rabhyaa Jewels

Emerald Bracelet by Rabhyaa Jewels



Few important jewellery pieces for brides

Who wouldn’t like to have or dream of a big fat Indian wedding? With the rich and succulent food, elaborate rituals, foot tapping music and wild dancing, how could one not? When we think of a beautiful Indian wedding, the first thing other than food and music that comes into our mind is Bride’s jewellery. Could there be anything more important to a bride than the adornment.


Have a look, these five jewellery pieces are very much essential for Indian brides. These dazzling adornments with sparkle and shine will be the centre of attention in Bride’s attire so take out the time to make sure that each of these jewellery pieces should be very best as they can be on and beyond D Day.



A wedding ensemble is totally incomplete without wrist full of tinkling and colourful bangles.  It doesn’t matter where you come from bangles are the most important ornament of every bride’s wedding attire. Traditionally worn in shades of red, green and white, the modern day bride prefers to match her bangles to the rest of her outfit.

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You would never want to see a bride with bare neck. The necklace, or also called haar in India, is one of the most essential accessories to complete the bridal ensemble. In fact, brides love to wear multiple necklaces on their wedding day, layering different lengths and styles for a beautiful effect.

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Maang Tikka

The stunning maang tikka after being disappeared from the wedding scenes has made a major comeback and how. As per the style tips, ladies with broad foreheads can go for a heavy maang tikka whilst those with narrow foreheads should stick to a simple, single-stranded piece. It is always recommended to buy your maang tikka as part of your bridal jewellery set to ensure that the style is consistent with the rest of your trinkets.



The traditional bridal earrings, also known as Jhumkas, karnphool, add more style and completion to the bridal look. Our personal favourites are the large, dramatic pieces with polki and gemstones, but simple pearl drops or diamond danglers can equally look stunning.

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Nose Pin or Ring

A beautiful adornment for nose that beautifully top off the entire bridal look on the bride’s wedding day. If your nose is not pierced but really want to wear a nose ring on your big day, you will get a wide range of clip-on options that are comfortable and classy.


Choose from a classy and designer range of bridal jewellery by Rabhyaa Jewels.

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