The age old charm of wearing jewellery

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A special liking for jewellery is nothing new in India, it’s been there since decades. How significant jewellery is in people’s life, is quite evident from the fact that on many auspicious occasions, jewellery forms a part of gifts. The popular adage `old is gold’ holds absolute value for Indian jewellery as traditional and antique designs make a comeback amidst a swelling number of connoisseurs of jewellery. The kundan meena jewellery is gaining its popularity once again. This intricate method of setting stones in pure gold is truly mesmeric. It was perfected by artisans in the Mughal period. Here, the gold used for jewellery was fused at room temperature. Another technique that was developed by the Mughals was the inlaying of stones with gold. The repetitive colour palette of green, red and white in Mughal designs corresponds to the intensive use of emeralds, rubies and diamonds. As much as these gems were a symbol of the opulence and dignity of the empire, they were also treasured as protective talismans. Emeralds were enormously popular with the Mughal Court, whose emperors referred to them as “Tears of the Moon.”

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In India, women and jewelry are inseparable. There cannot be a woman, who says “I have enough jewellery or I am okay with what all jewels I have”. Be it commoners or royals, everyone loves to flaunt them either as a status symbol or simply exhibit in style. The fusion of traditional Indian and contemporary styles and patterns are now taking the center stage as we can see a great outburst of ornamentation, elegant and exquisite, and of a lush extravagance never seen before.


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