Karwa Chauth gift ideas to pamper your wife

Karwa Chauth is the most important day for the every married woman frat in India. It is said that the fruitful completion of this tough fast ensures a long life and flourishing future for their respective husbands.

Polki Jewelry

So as to reward their fasting wives, husbands also have to go out of their way by giving them surprise gifts! Moreover, a gift to someone special in your life should always be something that can be cherished and adored throughout life. It is not the price of the gift but the thought that counts.  Now the big question would be-what gifts should we give to our wives? Here we will try to reduce your pressure with these beautiful jewels by Rabhyaa, because a woman can never say not to jewellery ❤

Artistic pendant

Sometimes the simplest jewellery leaves the biggest impact. From ‘Gemstone Pendant’ to ‘Polki Choker’, a sleek necklace from Rabhyaa will allow your sweetheart to proudly wear her possession.

Pearl Jewellery


Diamond Necklace set

In the current pattern of uncut diamond jewellery, this charming necklace set with gorgeous diamonds and rubies will be the perfect trick to win your wife’s heart al over again!

4609 copy

Statement Diamond Bracelet

We know that you love to hold her beautiful hands always; we suggest that this dainty and stunning diamond bracelet could be the right choice to compliment her beautiful hands. This bracelet is intricately crafted by Rabhyaa in contemporary designs embellished with sparkling diamonds.

Festive Gold Jewelry


Dazzling Earrings

If you think that your wife is no less than a queen then surprise her by presenting these chandbali  earrings by Rabhyaa. They’ll sure exude finery that’ll make her feel no less than the queen of a royal era!
Polki Chandballis

Statement Ring

Ring is a jewel that promises security and a strong bond of love. This spell-binding ring with artistic design and alluring setting of pear shape emerald gemstone cocooned in sparkling diamonds makes it a perfect trick to express your true love for her!


Intricate Bangles 

Mesmerizing is the word that aptly describes this gorgeous epitome of outstanding craftsmanship. Impress her with the traditional touch of expressing your gratitude towards her for all the love and care she shower upon you.

Mark this year’s Karwa Chauth with jewellery crafted with love by Rabhyaa for the most special woman in your life.

Happy Karwa Chauth!

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Perfect combination for your statement Jewellery


The festive season is right here and it is always the perfect time of year to get out all your sparkling baubles from our jewellery boxes. This, undoubtedly, is also the best time to buy new pieces of jewellery to refresh our festive and party looks!

You may be having a huge necklace, a dainty pair of earrings or charming bracelet that you are definitely fond of. Have you ever thought which other jewellery will go well with that piece? If yes, you are not alone. You’ll find so many attractive jewels available on the market it is easy to feel easily confused. There are actually numerous combination possibilities for jewellery. But here are some basic tips to your rescue.

Statement necklace

A statement necklace automatically grabs attention towards your face. This beautiful jewellery creates a nice visual impact in an outfit. Wear it with small earrings with one or two fairly simple bracelets. Besides, a simple ring will add a perfect final touch.

IMG_4609 copy

Statement bracelet

You may want to don a statement bracelet in cuff style, with stones, rolled or a diamond studded bracelet with huge polkis, the visual impact will just be the same: eye-catching. The more important thing is to also draw attention towards your face. This would works absolutely right with some striking earrings. Wear a classic ring to complete the look.

IMG_6211 copy

Statement earrings

The main purpose of statement earrings is to accentuate your face, to illuminate and frame it. To ensure that it is recommended that you combine striking, bold earrings with a cuff bracelet or a set of stacked bracelets. To complement the whole style, add a ring in similar shades. Necklace can be avoided.

IMG_9991 copy

Statement ring

Statement ring does the same work of drawing attention down to your hand like that of statement bracelet. Here as well, you need to make visual redirection. A pair of chandelier earrings, studs or hoops will perfectly go with a cocktail ring. They could be in colorful stones or original design. Make sure to have a good manicure if you wish to catch eyes on your hands!

Festive Gold jewellery

So shine like a diva with your favorite pieces of jewellery.
P.S- While following these tips, just remember that each piece must have complementary design accessories. It means, if you are going with fine, romantic jewelry, never combine it with rock pieces or architectural jewels etc.

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Lohri Gift for the Newly Bride

Celebrated with great gaiety and splendor, Lohri holds a special significance to the families blessed with recent marriages. On the first lohri of the newly -wed couples, parents and relatives participate in the celebration, and shower the couples with gifts and blessings.

Jewelry is a traditional and forever appreciated gift by women. Make the first Lohri of the newly bride as spectacular as this gorgeous pair of earrings, immaculately designed by expert craftsmen of Rabhyaa Jewels to sparkle the celebration with warmth and happiness.

Lohri Jewelry Gift

Bling with elegance is the new mantra, which is sophistically incorporated in this flattering pair of earrings. Qualified to add a right amount of glitz, the piece is a true depiction of brilliant craftsmanship and vivid extravagance. Artistic and innovative in design, the piece fulfills the desire for pieces that are contemporary in design yet traditional in style. Reflecting a shimmering melange of pretty Polki and gracious Gold, these sparklingly resplendent earrings is a promise to add a gleam of love, joy and prosperity in the first Lohri celebration of the newly -weds.

Let the auspicious celebration of Lohri drown in the magical trinkets of Rabhyaa Jewels.

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World of Bridal Jewellery

Rabhyaa Jewels unveils its exquisite range of bridal jewellery to make the dream of every bride to look out-of-the-world on her wedding day a reality. Each piece of jewellery is brilliantly designed to bring alive the real romance in modern relationships.


The collection perfectly goes with the stylish Indian women who appreciate contemporary interpretation of traditional craftsmanship and design. Fine design with unique workmanship brings alive the essence of articulate pattern and detailing in statement jewellery pieces.

Jewellery can be worn across occasions beyond the wedding day. Catch the glimpse of some of the jewellery pieces, when worn makes one feel glamorous and special –

Untitled-27 copyAdorable polki set necklace  displaying modern work of art employing traditional Indian concepts .

1151075_500751543347202_591001508_nThis beautiful ring is an illustration of unique craftsmanship.

4609 copyElegant necklace with royal charm – is set in gold and luminously encrusted with polki.

4606 copy (1)Gorgeous necklace fashioned in vintage style and set in polki.

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Charm of Green is Evergreen !

It is the spark and sheen of the color-stones that fascinate every woman. Their charismatic appeal is heart-warming and brings ample of compliments to women when they adore themselves with exquisite jewels made of color-stones.


The fascinatingly adorable ‘green’ stone jewellery is loved by all women around the globe for its fine green hues. The divine, eternal green color is the color of nature and life that symbolizes well being and self-respect. Trust us; the charming green stone jewellery is enough to brighten up the attire of any color.


With the growing appetite for color stones, ‘Rabhyaa Jewels’ shows its dexterity in designing and crafts adorable color stone studded jewellery pieces with extreme brilliance. From simple styles to statement making jewellery pieces, it has come up with made-to-love jewellery for its customers.


Surrender yourself to the impressive, majestic and opulent jewellery pieces of ‘Rabhyaa Jewels’ that promise to give you the pride and pleasure of lifetime.

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