Perfect combination for your statement Jewellery


The festive season is right here and it is always the perfect time of year to get out all your sparkling baubles from our jewellery boxes. This, undoubtedly, is also the best time to buy new pieces of jewellery to refresh our festive and party looks!

You may be having a huge necklace, a dainty pair of earrings or charming bracelet that you are definitely fond of. Have you ever thought which other jewellery will go well with that piece? If yes, you are not alone. You’ll find so many attractive jewels available on the market it is easy to feel easily confused. There are actually numerous combination possibilities for jewellery. But here are some basic tips to your rescue.

Statement necklace

A statement necklace automatically grabs attention towards your face. This beautiful jewellery creates a nice visual impact in an outfit. Wear it with small earrings with one or two fairly simple bracelets. Besides, a simple ring will add a perfect final touch.

IMG_4609 copy

Statement bracelet

You may want to don a statement bracelet in cuff style, with stones, rolled or a diamond studded bracelet with huge polkis, the visual impact will just be the same: eye-catching. The more important thing is to also draw attention towards your face. This would works absolutely right with some striking earrings. Wear a classic ring to complete the look.

IMG_6211 copy

Statement earrings

The main purpose of statement earrings is to accentuate your face, to illuminate and frame it. To ensure that it is recommended that you combine striking, bold earrings with a cuff bracelet or a set of stacked bracelets. To complement the whole style, add a ring in similar shades. Necklace can be avoided.

IMG_9991 copy

Statement ring

Statement ring does the same work of drawing attention down to your hand like that of statement bracelet. Here as well, you need to make visual redirection. A pair of chandelier earrings, studs or hoops will perfectly go with a cocktail ring. They could be in colorful stones or original design. Make sure to have a good manicure if you wish to catch eyes on your hands!

Festive Gold jewellery

So shine like a diva with your favorite pieces of jewellery.
P.S- While following these tips, just remember that each piece must have complementary design accessories. It means, if you are going with fine, romantic jewelry, never combine it with rock pieces or architectural jewels etc.

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Celebrate the Golden Day, Akshaya Tritiya with Rabhyaa Jewels

We, Hindus believe in and need “mahurats” at every step in life, don’t we? Whether it is to make key purchases or begin a new venture, we tend to look for auspicious timings. One such auspicious day is here, “Akshaya Tritiya” which is also known as Akha Teej. Valuables bought or initiations made on this day are considered to bring good fortune and success. Gold and gold jewelry bought and worn on this day signify never diminishing wealth.


On this momentous day of Akshaya Tritiya, buying the gold is a popular activity and considered very auspicious. The term “Akshaya” means infinite. It is believed that any wealth brought home on this day never erodes. It grows to become everlasting. This is the reason, people patiently wait the whole year for Akha Teej to come and they can indulge in gold purchase in abundance.

This year, the significant day of gold buying is approaching on May 2 that is tomorrow. Bring immense joy and inexhaustible wealth home by buying gold jewellery from Rabhyaa jewels.


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Mr. Sunil Kapur :- +91-9829010736
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