Recreate the Magic with Iconic Polki Jewels

Think of the Polki jewellery and one recalls the bejeweled splendor of Aishwarya Rai in Jodha Akbar. Polki is an art form that came alive during the Mughal Era, and is more than a thousand years old. It evolved as a specialty of designing traditional jewelry out of uncut diamonds. This art was a specialty of Bikaner which later traveled to different parts of the country.

Polki Jewellery

The tradition of flaunting uncut diamond jewels continues even today. Be it Shilpa Shetty or Kareena Kapoor – both of them flaunted their love affair with Polki jewellery form in their wedding with class and refinement.

A gift by the Mughals, Polki jewelry occupies a significant place in a bridal trousseau. Weddings and family heirlooms are incomplete without these stunning uncut-diamond beauties. Being an exclusive preserve of Indian royalty, polki accentuates the beauty of bridal lehenga and ethnic attires, bringing it an affluent exclusive touch.

We at Rabhyaa Jewels have made this beautiful affair of women with the polki variety of traditional diamond jewellery even more splendid with our innovative craftsmanship to match the casual trend. Our brilliant polki jewels are rich in both traditional and modern appeal. You can witness how remarkably our skilled artisans have ruptured the raw beauty of polki in the necklace, earrings and bracelet worn by our model. Our contemporary polki pieces honor the elegance and charm of modern designs to cater to the need of modern women, who aspire to be fashionable yet traditional.

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Absolute Requisites for Your Jewellery Wardrobe

Women and their love for jewellery are indissoluble. Rabhyaa Jewels offers the world of jewellery, which is large and worth exploring for women, who love dressing up and like to give finishing touch to their sensational looks by alluring jewellery pieces. To wear the right look, there are jewels that your wardrobe must have. From exclusively designed collection by Rabhyaa Jewels, you must own the following blings –

You can never make a mistake to your style with this beautiful and classy bracelet, embellished with dramatic Emeralds. No matter where you wear, with what you pair it up, it always looks perfect.


Necklace Set
A neckpiece always enjoys attention, and no one can resist the innocent appeal of this set. Adorn it with any kind of clothing and add the right dollop of charm to your spectacular looks.


A Pair of Earrings
Without any doubt, earrings are the most favored form of jewelry. Brilliance and radiance of a pair of these polki earrings undeniably deserve praise. While they look graceful at work they are equally befitting for the evenings. It depends on you, with what you glam them up.


Something you simply can’t ignore ! This bold and elegant ring will certainly add some character and beauty to your personality, and will make you standout from the crowd.


With these refined pieces, you will manage to wear right look  always. 🙂

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Rabhyaa Jewels
Address : C-24/A Bhagat Singh Marg Tilak Nagar, Jaipur – 302004
Phone No.: 0141-4024922, Fax: 0141-4024092

Contact Persons :
Mr. Sunil Kapur :- +91-9829010736
Mr. Neeraj Gupta :- +91-9829019454
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