Elegance and Elan with Rabhyaa


In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. What spells uniqueness better than jewellery? A lady should always stand out for her elegance and élan with which she carries herself. Whether it is about announcing beauty or making an understated appearance, it is the choice of jewellery that helps you make your mark!


The gold, white diamond and polki designs speak the language of elegance which is sure to leave your admirers spell-bound. Add to them the coloured stones and the queen of gems, pearls, and you are set to make trends like no one else.


Rabhyaa Jewels range of neck-pieces, earrings, bracelets and rings to go with are exquisitely crafted with feminine silhouette and sheer grace in mind. This collection of shining and shimmering jewellery has won many hearts and coveted glances. We strive to give unique designs and unmatchable glitter to the wearer.

Believe us only when you visit us!

For Enquiry:

Rabhyaa Jewels

Address : C-24/A Bhagat Singh Marg Tilak Nagar, Jaipur – 302004

Phone No.: 0141-4024922, Fax: 0141-4024092

Contact Person :
Mr. Sunil Kapur :- +91-9829010736
Mr. Neeraj Gupta :- +91-9829019454
Mr. Vishnu Goyal :- +91-9828063568

Celebrating Womanhood!

About ‘Rabhyaa’:

R.K Gems offers a significantly admirable collection of Kundan Meena called Rabhayaa. From heavy neckpieces with arresting pendant, chokers, bangles, bracelets, bajuband, payals- Rabhyaa has all that takes to adorn a woman from head-to-toe.

‘Rabhyaa’ is the provocateur of love and worship just like a “woman”. With no commencement and no end, it symbolizes eternal devotion.

Rabhyaa Profile Pic

Like her, ‘Rabhyaa’ believes it is not complicate to find reasons to pamper the person you adore the most. That is why each piece of ‘Rabhyaa’ can be the ultimate expression of lasting love, leaving an impression for you and upcoming generation. She emotes with numerous expressions, likewise ‘Rabhyaa’. Since eras woman is always succeeded to lure through her charisma and so does the ‘Rabhyaa’. ‘Rabhyaa’ helps mending the vibrancy of our traditional garments more slyly. Each piece is an expression of luxury capturing the brand’s refinement, elegance and royalty.

Rabhyaa New Cover pic

Royalty beckon at all times and the designer Sunil is constantly inspired to create designs under basis of what the royalty once wore. Royalty of Rajasthan is always incomplete without explaining the royal jewelry of Rajasthan. The continuity and co-existence of Rajasthani culture has helped it to acquire a special position amongst fashionable women since ages and ‘Rabhyaa’ matches the same anticipation traced since years.

‘Rabhyaa’ creations are truly beautiful, it recalls sophisticated feel of glamour without getting too literal. It’s at once timeless and of the moment.

For inquiries:

Address : C-24/A Bhagat Singh Marg Tilak Nagar, Jaipur – 302004
Phone No.: 0141-4024922, Fax: 0141-4024092
Contact Person :
Mr. Sunil Kapur :- +91-9829010736
Mr. Neeraj Gupta :- +91-9829019454
Mr. Vishnu Goyal :- +91-9828063568