Sparkle and Shimmer with Cocktail Rings

If you’re looking for a ring that draws every eye in the room, a cocktail ring might be for you!

6Rabhyaa Jewels brings a massive range of elaborately designed rings for women folk that radiate drama and glamour, making them perfect for a big night out!

Cocktail rings simply carries a WOW factor! They tend to be oversized and feature glittering diamonds and/or colored gemstones. For some Cocktail ring must have large precious and semi precious stones while for others it should have large, unique, dramatic design. But everyone agrees, that cocktail rings are all about expressing your personal style in a big way.

Cocktail rings,or dinner rings as they are sometimes called, first came into fashion in the 1940s and ’50s and have remained popular since then. As the name suggests, they were originally designed and as dressier pieces for cocktail parties or fancy dinners, though they soon migrated to day wear. The high settings are designed to give an extra sparkle and brilliance, so they usually feature faceted stones. However, especially since the 1990s, some of them use of pearls, cabochon (smooth faced) stones along with faceted stones, were used to add more variety and contrast to the ring’s design. In addition, some less traditional designs use beads or dangles.

If you have a dramatic cocktail ring design that is dancing around in your head, you don’t have to settle for a ring that’s “close enough.” Create your perfect ring by working with one of our jewelry design experts who can bring your dream to life.
Add glitz in your special occasion with our exclusive cocktail rings. 

Care Tip for your Cocktail Ring: 

Your ring will be safest if you put it on after you put on all your other clothes, because that way you’re less likely to catch it on the fabric and either snag your clothing or misshape a delicate setting.

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