5 Popular earrings styles for you

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Earrings are described by their complete style and by the metals and gemstones that have been used in their designing and manufacturing. Buying a specific style of earring is a great way to narrow the search field and make sure that the pieces will be a good fit for your style.

Tear Drop Earrings

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Teardrop earrings, being true to their name, are shaped like a dewdrop or teardrop. Usually complete with pearls and diamonds on the edge, these earrings are designed to dangle below the earlobe.

Dangle earrings

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These types of earrings are those pieces which dangle below the earlobe. They may be composed of beads, rounds, squares, curved pieces of metal, or die-cut metal designs.


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Studs are classic earrings, which are composed of a single gemstone, a pearl ball, or small design that rests directly on the earlobe. Pearl earrings that sit next to the ear may be described as stud earrings. These styles are perfect for everyday wear and look good on all face types.

Chandelier earrings

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This is a rich combination of design elements of stud and drop earrings. These earrings come in a decorative stud that is mounted on the earlobe to gracefully compliment the dangles below the earlobe.



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These classic and evergreen earrings are designed with rounded or flat pieces of platinum, gold or silver that run from the front to the back of the earlobe. They are complimented with diamonds to appear more dazzling.

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