A halo of love-rings by Rabhyaa

When you begin your search for an engagement ring for the first time all the terms and specifications in this purchase perplex you.  …  how you would tell the difference between your solitaires and halos to escape that face washing situation with a blank look when prompted by a jeweller?

Festive Gold jewellery

To simply understand, a solitaire is what you often imagine, a diamond mounted elegantly on its own on a charming band. The popular choice is usually a Round  diamond, but that is not always necessary. You may choose from coloured gemstones or diamonds in any shape.


A Halo however, features a center gemstone surrounded by a circular ‘halo’ of small diamonds that enhance the beauty and sparkle of your centre stone. There are no specific rules; a halo can be square triangle or of any other shape, but the style is very popular at the moment. The center gemstone too does not necessarily need to be in Round shape, you may go for any shape of stone in halo. If you are fond of colours, a halo design is also a beautiful way to introduce a hint of colour with your choice of coloured gemstonepolkis, pearls or diamond.

If the extra sparkle is what she loves to have, then a halo engagement ring might just be the one for her.



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