5 easy Jewellery care tips for Holi


Holi is upon us and we just can’t wait to be drenched! We do all the preparations before playing with colors; like oiling of hair, applying sunscreen and moisturizing lotion on exposed skin etc etc. But often forget to change or remove the daily jewellery we are wearing. This results in tainted, damaged jewellery in the end. Here are few important easy tips to keep your jewellery well and sparkling post holi celebrations.

1 Cleaning and storing

Go out in best of your style with your jewellery this Holi, but once the celebration is over, make sure to clean your jewellery with right care and store them in zip-lock bags to avoid pigmentation, which causes due to oxidisation.

Pearl Jewellery

2 Care for silver, gold and platinum jewellery

When these metal jewellery come in contact with wet skin, dark spots begin to appear and damage the finishing of the jewellery. Use a soft brush to remove these marks with soap water and wipe it with soft damp cloth.

3 Love your Pearls

The layers of nacre, of which a pearl is made, are very soft and easily damaged. These are also be eaten away by alcohol and chemicals exuded by skin. Remember to wash your cultured pearl jewellery in mild, soapy water before storing them in jewellery box.

Rakhis Gift

4 Care for diamond and gemstones

Refrain from wearing delicate settings of jewellery if you are planning to play holi with fervor and enthusiasm. Even though, you happen to get your diamond jewellery tinted, soak it in lukewarm water with 1-2 drops of ammonia based household cleaner. Use a gentle toothbrush to remove residues. After that, rinse the jewellery thoroughly in plain water and air-dry before storing or wearing it again.


5 Professional care

You may also use specialized jewellery cleaning sprays. Spray it on the jewellery and leave for one minute before rinsing in water. You may also visit your trusted jeweller for the proper and professional cleaning of your jewellery. But never trust a new jewellery and beware of those door to door roaming frauds who claim to shine your jewellery like new. Hope you know where we are indicating 😉

Polki jewellery


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