Get the best look with dazzling earrings by Rabhyaa Jewels

Polki Jewelry

Earrings are not just a beautiful accessory to accent a woman’s attire but also play a prominent role in overall personality. They are a wonderful accessory for self expressions.

According to the legends the earliest earrings were perhaps fashioned from natural materials like wood or bone, inserted through comparatively larger holes in the ear. The first fashionable earrings were hoop, which were made of metal. Pierced earrings came back into style in the 1950’s and are still the norm. Over the years, the style of earrings has changed according to popular dress and hairstyle. For example, when visible collars and elaborate hairstyles were all the rage, earrings were virtually very minimal. They made a comeback when women started to wear wigs and deep necklines.

Today or in the past, earrings have always been adding a finishing touch to your wardrobe. So be it a classic must-have like diamonds studs, or the very trendy fashion hoops.

Have a look at the extraordinary designer range of earrings by Rabhyaa. These masterpieces are created using the most brilliant cut and uncut diamonds with precious gemstones in an attractive blend with fine metal like gold, Silver and platinum.

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Lightweight and inspired from classics, these striking earrings feature most gorgeous gemstones framed by a delicate halo of brilliant round and uncut diamonds set in gold..

Shine beautifully in these designer earrings by Rabhyaa featuring diamonds polkis in an adorably glamorous dangle design in gold.


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