Be a Smart Buyer of Gold Jewellery

Gold Bracelet
Since ancient times, GOLD has been one of the most sought- after items in Indian households. Be it rich or poor, rural or urban, everyone looks for its purchase, especially in the form of jewelry at the very first available opportunity. But one can easily be cheated if not aware of the basics of buying gold jewelry. So what are the things that should be kept in mind while buying it? Let’s find out:

(1) Always buy BIS Hallmarked gold jewelry as it certifies that the metal conforms to the national and international standard of purity and fineness.

(2) Always ask for Retail Invoice that clearly mentions about the actual price of Gold on that day, making charges and carat of gold jewelry and BIS hallmarking license number .

(3) Unfailingly check for 5 signs on gold jewelry – the BIS logo, Carat, logo of hallmarking center, jewelers identification mark and year for marking (For 2015, it is T). Any of the missing symbols indicates that the gold jewelry is not hallmarked.

(4) Avoid KDM (Cadmium) jewelry.  These are those crafted gold jewels that are soldered together using an alloy named cadmium, thus reducing the purity of Gold.

(5) In case of any doubt regarding the carat of gold jewelry, search for the nearby hallmark center on Google and get the purity checked there.

As they say, “All that Glitters may not be Gold”. Be sure it is pure. 🙂

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