5 Reasons to Buy Gold Jewellery this Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya is a festival which is linked to a practice of gold buying. Akshaya in Sanskrit means one that ‘never diminishes’ (a—kshaya), and it is believed that buying precious metals on this auspicious day, brings lasting prosperity. But there are some practical aspects too to it that why you must buy gold jewellery pieces on Akshaya Tritiya. Let’s explore:

5 Reasons to Buy Gold jewellery

(1)Protection against Inflation
When the cost of living rises, the value of gold also tends to rise dramatically. Thus, an excellent hedge against inflation.

(2) Status Symbol
Especially in our country India, gold is considered as a symbol of wealth and social standing.

(3) Ideal Wedding Gift
Gold jewelry makes a perfect wedding gift to give to close family relatives.

(4) Mark of Purity
Metal gold is believed to be sacred and pure as it passes through fire when made.

(5) Treasured Heirloom
Gold jewellery pieces forms the perfect treasure to pass down from one generation to the other as inheritance.

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