Are You Buying your Wedding Jewelry Right?

Wedding is the most important day of your life, and everything needs to be perfect, even your wedding jewelry. Rabhyaa Jewels bring you five quick bridal jewelry tips to help you select the right jewellery for your wedding:

Wedding Jewelry by Rabhyaa Jewels

  • Jewelry must match your dress
    Jewelry must complement your wedding dress and express your personality. Less is usually more. Mind it! You should look natural and not cluttered with jewels.
  • Keep the size of wrist circumference & necklace length handy
    This will save a lot of your shopping time, because you won’t waste time resizing your jewellery.
  • Work on your personal style beforehand
    Just because a particular style of jewel looks good on your friend or a model, does not mean that it will suit you.Thus, it is necessary to know your personal styling and shop jewelry accordingly.
  • While picking earrings, keep hairstyle in the mind
    If you are gonna wear bun on your D-day, pick medium-length earrings. This will not overpower your face and will also lend you elegant looks. Long earrings are good if you will have hair down.
  • Buy an engagement ring that you can wear every day
    The engagement ring is going to be on your finger all the time. Thus, make sure you buy a one that you can wear every single day and complements every outfit you wear.

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